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about us

Chasco Interiors is a family owned and operated business built on a vision to develop lasting relationships and the attitude "do what ever it takes to serve our clients". We pride ourselves on our strong work ethic, safety and teamwork. ChasCo specializes in  commercial drywall and acoustical construction and we are committed to serving our clients to exceed their expectations. 


Regardless of the scope and size of your project, our team of drywall experts specialize in handling intricate architectural layouts and designs. ChasCo Interiors has the expertise to execute on the most complex designs including: arches, curved walls, reveals, custom ceilings and stairways. 

Our range of commercial drywall projects are diverse and include ground up construction, corporate interiors, healthcare facilities, banks, restaurants, retail, schools, churches, and various public facilities. 


Prior to the formation of  ChasCo Interiors, from 1983 to 1992, Charlie Richardson's specialty was installing suspended acoustical ceilings for Rice Drywall, Harris Acoustics and Hatfied Acoustics. Charlie built a solid reputation as "the best in the business" installing all types of suspended acoustical ceilings, and creating cutting edge architectural features. 


In 1992 Charlie Richardson and partners formed R-Mac Contracting, a complete drywall and acoustical company. R-Mac achieved great success for 12 years. 


It was then, in 2004 Charlie Richardson created ChasCo Interiors Inc. to pursue his passion to better serve his clients. Since then, ChasCo has experienced steady growth and a strong following. In 2011, Alan Cunningham, formerly with R-Mac, joined forces with ChasCo and the Ft.Worth office was established. This office was strategic in that it enabled ChasCo to serve clients throughout North Texas. At ChasCo, we strive to get better each day. We keep up with the latest technology to expedite schedules and exceed our clients expectations. We are proud of our work and the friendships we have built over the years. 

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